Kamac Web Services

About Me

Based in Crowborough, I specialize in serving the digital needs of small businesses in Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead, Crawley and surrounding areas.

Small businesses do not have the luxury of having a large internal IT team but they still have similar IT requirements. This is where I come in. You can hire me to handle your IT trequirements as and when needed. Whether itís to provide for a part time ongoing service or a one-off specific project I can help to analyse your current and future requirements and to advise on the next steps to take.

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry I can offer a wealth of experience and ideas.

My areas of speciality are: digital strategy and security, product development, cloud computing and content management systems.

For more information or to arrange for me to call in at your office and discuss your requirements, please drop an email to admin@kamac.co.uk.